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Horizon Specialist Contracting Ltd
Integrated Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Policy Statement

We believe that high standards of Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety control are an essential part of business management, and rank in equal importance with other fundamental business elements.

We have developed and maintain a management system compliant with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) and ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety) as part of our commitment to continual improvement of the business and to customer satisfaction.

We recognize our health and safety duties under the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and other relevant legislation and codes of practice for our workplace.

Our accident and near-miss incident prevention function, or risk management, is an integral part of operational management. The main objective is the elimination of accident and incident causes by tackling them at source. As a matter of policy we will take all reasonable care to protect our employees and others who may be affected by our activities and facilities, by implementing safe operating procedures and safe systems of work from the outset to eliminate foreseeable hazards.  We regularly review these procedures and systems to continuously improve how we operate.

We are committed to taking all practical steps necessary to prevent or diminish harmful impacts on the environment, which may result from our activities or products. We will respect legal standards and will implement changes that are appropriate to achieve compliance. This includes the prevention of pollution, disturbance to wildlife, reducing waste, recycling wherever possible, improving energy efficiency and being a good neighbour (CSR policy).

The Managing Director has the overall responsibility for effective Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety management in the workplace. Top management are responsible for Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety matters in the workplace and will ensure that the necessary resources and arrangements are provided for the implementation, monitoring, and reviewing of this Policy and associated arrangements. They will also ensure that if a competent employee is not available, an external source of competent assistance and advice will be sought. It is the responsibility of the Director responsible for the Environment and Health and Safety to ensure we achieve day-to-day compliance in the workplace and to liaise with our competent advisor. We are committed to a process of continual improvement with respect to Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety and the board of directors set and review annually the Company ‘Objectives and Targets Improvement Programme’ in order to achieve maximum performance and efficiency for the benefit of the business, clients and stakeholders. All employees must comply with the legal environmental and safety obligations placed upon them by legislation and company policies. They must also co-operate with the company in meeting its legal compliance obligations and responsibilities.

We will provide appropriate Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety information, instruction, training, and supervision for our employees. We will also actively involve them in all Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety matters, where appropriate, through a process of consultation and communication.

DATE REVISED & APPROVED: 18.10.2021                                   
NEXT REVIEW DATE: 18.10.2022

Corporate & Social Responsibility Policy


Our Purpose


Established in 1993 by James Burns and Graham Farn Horizon Specialist Contracting Ltd specialises in all aspects of work at height.

Horizon’s highly trained staff provide conventional and innovative solutions to work safely at heigh, the design, inspection and maintenance of lightning protection systems, access systems and fall-arrest safety restraint systems.


We recognise our duty to operate responsibly within the spheres of influence that we hold and to manage our impacts on the community, environment, workplace, and marketplace. We are committed to developing sustainability within our company and this is reflected in our group of policies including our environmental and health and safety policies. Our goal is to operate safely and deliver projects to a high standard that will meet the specifications of the client.

These Values and Commitments set out what is important to us in acting in a responsible and ethical manner.


We see this as a journey along which we will learn about our impacts and improve the way we operate within our business. Our Values and Commitments will therefore evolve over time. Implementation of these will be a team effort, but overall responsibility for implementation will rest with the Managing Director Leigh Holford.


We will discuss and review our progress each year including reviewing the relevance of our commitments. We will communicate progress with our employees and other relevant external interested parties through meetings and events.


Our Values


In delivering ‘Our Purpose’, we will nurture and enhance the following core values in all that we do:

  • Safety: Make safety paramount for our employees and those who may be affected by our works
  • Professional: In all our activities, communicating and consulting with all interested parties
  • Teamwork: Work collectively to meet client and community needs
  • Supportive: Of our workforce in their wellbeing
  • Trusting: Build relationships based on trust


Our Commitments



We recognise that our employees are vital to the success of our business. We will therefore respect each individual by:

  • Treating employees fairly, equally, with respect and rewarding loyalty and hard work appropriately
  • Creating a workplace that is safe, healthy and secure and promote teamwork across all that we do
  • Investing in our staff to ensure their continual development and ability to conduct their role with the appropriate level of expertise.



We will recognise and respect our customers own corporate responsibility commitments by ensuring that we deliver the highest quality work with an emphasis on safety, Horizon are ISO45001:2018 certified.

Delivering work to meet the requirements of the customer and use best practice techniques to ensure a high level of performance.



Our suppliers are critical to our success and reputation and we will work with them to:

  • Ensure that they produce and supply to a specified quality or better to meet the expectations of our customers
  • Build relationships to improve efficiency through the supply chain and minimise the negative impacts of goods, services, and operations across their life cycle
  • Where possible, positively encourage the approval and use of Micro Enterprises and BME’s within the supply chain
  • Incorporate environmental and social considerations into the procurement of goods and services
  • Ensure that minimum ethical, equality, human rights and employment standards are met by suppliers, including ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in their business.



We will aspire to be a valued part of the communities that we operate in by:

  • Employ locally wherever possible;
  • Use branches of nationally approved suppliers that are local to the work site;
  • Provide a quality workplace and aim to train and develop people that show commitment to the work;
  • Support community organisations and charities that are relevant to employees and clients.



We will seek to reduce our impacts on the local, national and global environment that we operate in by:

  • Working to our UKAS third party certification ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management system
  • Regularly monitor the use of fuel in our company vehicles and vehicle emissions
  • Set an Annual MPG Target within the Objectives Targets & Improvement Plan
  • Record and Monitor our Carbon Footprint
  • Abide with Regional Emission Zone requirements
  • Switch off Vehicles whilst stationery and work equipment whilst not in use


This policy is grounded in the values and culture of our business and reflects our desire to manage our economic, social, and environmental impacts with excellence. We aim to regularly review this policy for its effectiveness and work towards a point where awareness of our corporate responsibility is embedded in the structure of the company and becomes an integrated part of management and business processes.


Leigh Holford

Managing Director

Revised October 2021

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 



This statement sets down Horizon Specialist Contracting Ltd commitment to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our business activities and the steps we have put in place with the aim of ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our own business and to cascade these aims to our supply chains. We all have a duty to be alert to risks, however small.  Staff are expected to report their concerns and management to act upon them.


Organisational structure and supply chains


This statement covers the business activities of Horizon Specialist Contracting Ltd which are as follows:


The company specialises in work at height and the design, installation, inspection and repair of lightning protection systems and Fall Restraint Systems.


The Company currently operates in the following countries: UK, Northern Ireland & Channel Islands and Europe.


Horizon has assessed its risk in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking: and found it to be low.  It checks all employees have right to work in this country and are paid the national minimum wage or above.


Supply chains to the business include:


Office equipment and stationary

Fleet vehicles


Professional Advisers

Site Equipment



All of the above are sourced from within the UK. Suppliers are required to ensure that they comply with the statutory requirements in respect of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, which, in turn, confirms to us that the risk of slavery in our supply chain has been mitigated.


Responsibility for the Company’s anti-slavery initiatives is as follows:


  1. Policy: Louise Kerry-Armes Business Director is responsible for creating and reviewing policies. The process by which policies are developed is by looking at best practice and adapting it to the needs of the Company.
  2. Risk assessments: Paul Farn, Operations and Safety Director is responsible for risk assessments in respect of human rights and modern slavery by a process of reviewing personal risk to all employees in all work situations
  3. Due diligence: Elizabeth Hudson is responsible for due diligence in relation to known or suspected instances of modern slavery and human trafficking.




To ensure a good understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains, the Company requires all staff to remain diligent and report any suspicions to the above-named people immediately.



The Company is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our business and requires our supply chains to comply. This Statement affirms its intention to act ethically in our business relationships.


Whistleblowing policy - the Company encourages all its workers, customers and other business partners to report any concerns related to its direct activities or its supply chains.


Due Diligence Processes for Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Company undertakes due diligence when considering taking on new suppliers, and periodically reviews its existing suppliers. The Company’s due diligence process includes building long-standing relationships with suppliers and making clear our expectations of business partners AND evaluating the modern slavery and human trafficking risks of each new supplier AND invoking sanctions against suppliers that fail to improve their performance in line with an action plan which would be provided by us, including the termination of the business relationship.


This Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary. Horizon’s Managing Director, Leigh Holford endorses this policy statement and is fully committed to its implementation.


Signed Leigh Holford Managing Director

Revised November 2021


Health and Safety for Directors and Senior Manager  - Leigh Holford Certification


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